Pay Attention to This when Booking Flight Tickets on Thai AirAsia

So, you are ready to get your Thai AirAsia reservations done and hit that ‘Book Flight’ button? Probably better to not be so fast. You may already aware of how daunting travel related things can be on the planning phase. That’s why, when it comes to reserve your upcoming flights, it is always better to learn about a thing or two about the process to make it more easy, secure, and convenient.

The process or reserving and booking Thai AirAsia flight ticket can be done through various methods: via website, mobile application, sales counters, sales offices, or authorized agents of travel. Regardless of your preference method, the following tips related to ticket booking of Thai AirAsia below should be able to help to smooth the process and acquire the best deals.

The Best Way You Booking Thai AirAsia and Get Excellent Promotion Deals

With your trip approaching closer, you might be feeling really excited. However, it shouldn’t cause to rush your flight booking. Despite seemingly like a quick and straightforward process, one mistake can lead you to encounter substantial cost. Read some tips on Thai AirAsia reservations below that are worth to consider when you’re booking the flight:

  1. Your travel details

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? However, you’d be surprised of how many people who neglect it. This is especially common if you want to book flight for new routes, and the information about times of departure and arrival is not revealed only after the promotion is started.  The problem becomes less prevalent with existing routes, where the information about date and time of the flight can be easily obtained online.

You should also pay detailed attention if you’re booking connecting flights between different airlines. It’s necessary to know in advance, the exact time of the following flight. Calculating the scheduled departure and arrival time while trying to keep up with airlines’ ticket price is hard, so it pays off to get the exact details of your routes, dates, and other flight-related details before you’re trying to do the reservation.


  1. Your companion details

In order to speed up the process of ticket booking, it will be really helpful to prepare the information about your travel companion – assuming that you plan to travel with family or friends. Do you know that Thai AirAsia website lets you to add and store up to 15 people in the list of Family and Friends online? This way, you just need to choose their identity on next reservation procedure.

To be included in the list, you need to compile information about their:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • AirAsia BIG membership ID (if any)
  • Passport number
  • Passport validity
  • Passport issuing region or country


  1. Your Luggage

The allowed weight and size for luggage differ between airlines. You need to check the policies of your preferred airline, along with the weight and dimension measurements of the items that you are bringing on flight – or else, you’d be stopped, checked, and/or charged with extra free.

Thai AirAsia itself has policies that allow you to bring one to two cabin bags for free. The maximum total weight of both of the cabin bags must not exceed 7kg with maximum dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23cm and 40 x 30 x 10cm.

Alternatively, you may opt for checked baggage, which lets you to bring up to 40kg of extra weight. This option requires you to pay off additional fees according to the weight category it falls under.


  1. Price Hacks

Before you finalize your Thai AirAsia reservations process by purchasing the ticket, spend some time to look for coupon or discount codes. To simplify this, you may choose to subscribe to Thai AirAsia newsletter.

Alright, no one enjoys getting a pile of email spams every week – but you can count on this one to be useful. The ticket promotions of Thai AirAsia are normally announced on such a short notice, only for them to last for 3 to 7 days. What is the best way to get the most terrific deals? Grab the ticket in the first half an hour after the promotions begun.

You can consider the guide above to be a general know-how that applicable to any airline. Now, you are going to read some specific tips and tricks on how to catch Thai AirAsia ticket with the lowest price possible. The chance is high, since AirAsia in general offers regular sale promotions, especially during special events or popular holiday.

Understanding the process of Thai AirAsia reservations and seat sales is necessary if you aim to get extremely low fare cost. Here is a useful guidance to help you do so:

  • Create an account in the AirAsia website: You need to register yourself before the sale, so you can skip the steps of inputting your personal and payment details when trying to book the flight. Timing is a crucial factor in getting seat sale. Moreover, the airline usually gives exclusive membership sale or priority sale for early access.
  • Make sure your internet connection is fast and reliable: The website might slow down or crash when a lot of people access it during the sale promotions, so having good internet connection matters.
  • Download AirAsia mobile app: App users sometimes get early privilege to access sale seats. Beyond that, mobile app can make the process of your ticket booking much easier due to its user-friendly and practical natures.
  • Consider you and your companion’s preferences: Maybe you or your companion likes to get near window seat, or want to pre-order hot meals before the flight. Get the details beforehand.
  • Prepare your Plan B: Having alternative option when your first choice regarding destination, route, or date is not available can make the process go far easier and faster.
  • Be patience: Booking promotion ticket is not exactly the easiest thing to do – it requires determination and endurance. Don’t give up right away if your connection slips or the site crashes. Hang in there and keep the game on.

Chance is, at one point or another; you need to book travel, whether it is to visit distanced friends or relatives, for work, or to reward yourself with a nice vacation. Be your trip is spontaneous or long-planned, properly reserving and booking your ticket flight is amongst the most important steps to do. While on it, it will be really beneficial if you can snatch some money-saving sales.

Just like any major purchase, it is necessary to ensure that you reach the best deals while completing Thai AirAsia reservations and bookings. With the helpful guides above, the process might be less complicated and not so stressful after all.





Ciremai Mountain Hiking Trail Again Closed During Ramadan

The traveler space of Gunung Ciremai National Park (TNGC) in Kuningan Regency, West Java has returned during the Covid-19 pandemic since a couple of months prior.

Vacationer visit exercises to sports should likewise be possible. The Area of Mount Ciremai additionally stays open during the New Year 2021 occasion.

Nonetheless, the tngc corridor reported that it will close the climbing trail during Ramadan, from April 13 to May 12, 2021.

This conclusion is applied to the climbing trails in Kuningan Regency just as in Majalengka Regency. The declaration of the conclusion of The Ciremai Mountain climbing trail was reported through @gunung_ciremai instagram account on Sunday (11/4/2021).

“Ciremai mountaineering will be shut from April 13 to May 12, 2021. Well for companions who have effectively reserved, if it’s not too much trouble, talk with the Admin. How about we be insightful, shrewd, and mindful climbers to nature and others,” the record composed.

The declaration was endorsed by Kuswandono, as the Head of Gunung Ciremai Gunung National Park Hall is probably the most elevated mountain in West Java.

Mount Ciremai is one of the objections for climbers or simply a visit. There are four climbing trails on Mount Ciremai. In particular, Cibunar Linggarjati, Palutungan, Linggasana in Kuningan and Apuy areas in Majalengka Regency.

In checking the execution of the Covid-19 convention in the Mount Ciremai region, BTNGC will drop off the escort officials, both at traveler locales around Mount Ciremai.




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10 Spots Of Enthusiasm For Turkey That Must Be Visited

It is safe to say that you are one of the enthusiasts of the Turkish dramatization arrangement recently publicized by numerous private TV stations in Indonesia? Whenever noted cautiously, the shooting area in the Turkish show is stunning.

On the off chance that you intend to make a trip abroad basically to Europe and the Middle East, enter Turkey in your next occasion goal. The explanation is, there are such huge numbers of places of interest in Turkey that are wonderful and dear to be missed.

After we recently checked on an assortment of tasty Turkish nourishment that is appealing, this time there will be an assortment of vacationer goals that must be visited while in Turkey. What’s going on here? Here’s the full rundown.


Enthusiasm For Turkey That Must Be Visited
Enthusiasm For Turkey That Must Be Visited

This one Turkish Landmark is in the principal request of an absolute necessity see traveler site while in Turkey. Galata Kulesi or otherwise called Galata Tower is an old pinnacle of the remainders of the Republic of Genoa in Constantinople, which is currently renamed Istanbul.

The pinnacle is a settlement stronghold worked around the year 1348. The pinnacle which has 9 stories can be visited by sightseers. In the pinnacle, there is likewise an eatery, a club, and a bistro with perspectives on Istanbul and the Bosphorus Strait.


“The Cotton Fortress” is the epithet for the places of interest in Turkey this one. This is a characteristic fascination overwhelmed by white rocks, so this spot resembles a cotton stronghold. The stones are gotten from calcium minerals.

In the region of Pamukkale you can without much of a stretch discover open washing pools. One of the well known washing lakes is Hierapolis. Water in the lake has a decent viability for wellbeing. Along these lines, you can douse while getting a charge out of the mind boggling landscape of nature while in Pamukkale.

Library of Celsus

Turkey is for sure stacked with notable attractions. One of the recorded and very well known vacation spots is the Library of Celcus situated on the west shore of Turkey. In the main, the structure was raised to pay tribute to Tiberius Julius Celcus Polemaeanus.

As the name proposes the Library of Celcus is a library that stores in excess of 12 thousand moves of paper. Truth be told, Celcus who is likewise a previous Asian representative is additionally covered here.

The structure was likewise revamped at 1970 with exceptionally cautious. This vacationer site is a spot for chasing most loved picture takers in light of the fact that the air is extremely thick with verifiable climate.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the most noteworthy top in the nation of Turkey. At the end of the day, while on Mount Ararat it implies you are at the most elevated purpose of Turkey. Mount 5,165 meters above ocean level is a characteristic fascination and history.

For what reason is it called an authentic fascination? Since this mountain has a story that the probably ark of the prophet Noah at any point moored here. From the highest point of the well of lava, you can likewise see different nations that are neighbors of Turkey, for example, Iran or Armenia.

Blue Lagoon

The sea shore in Turkey is extremely intriguing to talk about. One of the most celebrated sea shores in Turkey is the Blue Lagoon, otherwise called Belcekiz. This is one of the most excellent sea shores in Turkey that is constantly visited by voyagers from various nations.

The sand sea shore in Blue Lagoon is acclaimed for its white and smooth. You can unwind by the sea shore while sunbathing or occupied by evaluating a wide range of watersport here. The ocean water on the sea shore is very quiet and unsplashing. Thus, it never damages to swim by the sea shore.


Have you at any point viewed the Turkish arrangement “Muhtesem Yuzyil” or better known by the name of the magnificence century? The arrangement, which had circulated on one of the private TV slots, recounts to the narrative of the Ottoman Emperor Suleiman I. In the arrangement were for the most part scenes taken at the Topkapi Palace which was the home of the Ottoman head.

While you’re out traveling to Turkey, remember to stop by Istanbul, one of the most significant urban communities in Turkey and a spot where you can see Topkapi Palace, in actuality. Not just Topkapi Palace, you can likewise visit the Blue Mosque which is a radiant mosque commanded with blue shading.

Hagia Sophia

In Istanbul, there is a structure that was before a congregation, however was changed to a working mosque for a long time. In 1937, the primary Turkish President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk changed the status of the structure into a gallery.

The president completed a few rebuilding efforts to reestablish the trademark Hagia Sophia to resemble a congregation. From that point forward, Hagia Sophia is a historical center that can be visited by anybody. You will be astounded when you see the inside of this structure is so stunning.


This look at Cappadocia’s structures helps us to remember the Greek structures. Truly, Cappadocia is overwhelmed by the places of individuals made of stone. The territory is one of Turkey’s most notable destinations. Numerous travelers from abroad visit Cappadocia since they are captivated by the uniqueness of this district.

What’s more, on the off chance that you need to see the whole territory of Cappadocia all the more plainly, you can ride the tourist balloon that is leased by the nearby network. This sight-seeing balloon takes you to tour the whole Cappadocia locale from the stature.


Nearly in each nation must have a territory called the Old Town. In Turkey, you can visit one of the zones known as the Old Town, in particular Safranbolu. The structure here continues as before as during the rule of the Ottoman ruler. The occupants ‘ houses in Safranbolu are basic since they are made of wooden dividers painted in white.

The quality of the fascination of Safranbolu is the little rear entryways that help us to remember the back streets in European urban areas. As a visitor, you can get around the territory of Safranbolu by walking or by bicycle to appreciate the landscape around you.

Lady’s Tower

On the off chance that you’ve at any point viewed the Turkish dramatization arrangement Shehrazat 1001 Tonight, you regularly observe this current lady’s Tower. The Maiden’s Tower or otherwise called Kiz Kalesi is a pinnacle on a little island situated amidst the Bosphorus.

The pinnacle was once in the past a watchtower, and was once effectively utilized as a beacon. Be that as it may, today the Maiden’s Tower is known as a restrictive eatery and bistro in Turkey. Perspectives on the Maiden’s Tower during the night are regularly highlighted on the dramatization arrangement Shehrazat 1001 Night. Keen on supper in the Bosphorus?

This is just piece of the vacation destinations in Turkey that you should visit. There are numerous other vacation destinations in Turkey which are fascinating and astounding. In the event that you have suggested vacation spot in Turkey, if you don’t mind compose it in the remarks field beneath.